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Are you looking for Batteries Services for your vehicle?


Are you detecting the symptoms of a malfunctioning battery and looking for a car battery replacement Luton?

You vehicle’s battery does much more than starting the car, and thus, needs to be in top working condition at all times. A faulty car battery can give up on you any time and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Ideally, you must replace batteries after 4-5 years. However, a host of factors can lead to a premature battery failure, causing you to replace it much earlier than expected.

At Tyrestone Ltd., our experts possess all the technical know-how to properly inspect your car’s battery and identify the crux of the issue. Further, we are also equipped with cutting-edge tools and machinery. Hence, whether you own a regular passenger car or a high-end modern vehicle, rely on us for affordable and prompt car battery replacement Luton.

Symptoms of faulty car batteries

Listed below are some of the major warning signs of malfunctioning car batteries.

Lower battery fluid 

If there is any fault in your car’s battery, the fluid level will fall below the lead plates. This happens because a damaged battery leads to overcharging, which in turn causes the fluid level to decrease. 

Foul rotten egg smell

If you perceive a pungent odour, like that of rotten eggs, coming from your vehicle, it is a potential sign of leakage in the battery. This leakage occurs when there is severe corrosion in the battery terminals. Should that be the case, our experts will replace your car battery Luton

Dim headlights

All the electrical components in your car, like the lights, power windows, radio, etc., are powered by the battery. Hence, if you see that the headlights are growing dimmer, you should immediately get the batteries checked by our expert professionals.

Slow engine crank

Does your car engine take a lot of time to start and is accompanied by an unusual sound? It is certainly a warning sign of a defective battery.

Bloated battery case

A defective battery causes overheating, which can bloat up the battery case. Hence, pay close attention to the battery case. If you see that it is unusually swollen up, do not waste any time and come to us at the earliest.

There are several factors which can lead to battery damages, like:

      • Harsh winter temperatures
      • Inefficient maintenance
      • Old batteries, etc.

Are you searching for battery repairing services near me?

Contact Tyrestone and schedule an appointment. We stock genuine spares of various Battery makes and models.

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