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Are you looking for Brake Service for your vehicle?


If you feel that your car’s braking system is not performing adequately, do not delay in getting it checked from a professional garage for brake repair Luton. 

The braking system of your car is one of the essential parts, crucial for a comfortable and safe driving experience. Even a little failure in one of its components (brake pads, rotors, discs or master cylinder) can increase the risk of accidents. Also, it is crucial to opt for a reliable automobile garage which has sufficient expertise and knowledge to efficiently carry out brake pad replacement Luton.

Tyrestone Ltd. is a highly sought-after car service garage. Our experts are highly trained and can identify any issue in your vehicle’s brakes.

So, if you ever come across any problem with your car’s braking system, feel free to reach us.

Symptoms of malfunctioning brakes

Though an illuminating brake light is the primary indication of faulty brakes, there are some other distinct warning signs as mentioned below:

      • Soft brake pedal

If you do not feel any resistance while applying the brakes, there might be a drop in the brake fluid level. This needs to be addressed on an urgent basis as it can lead to other damages and create safety issues.

      • Vibrating brake pedal

This happens when the rotors of your car’s brakes are damaged or worn out. Damaged rotors cannot be repaired; hence, at Tyrestone, we efficiently replace them with OE-grade spares.

      • Squealing noises while braking

Do you hear a squealing or grinding noise while applying the brakes? It is certainly a sign of damaged brake pads. However, such noises can also occur if the rotors are malfunctioning. Hence, we recommend you reach us so that we can identify the issue and offer adequate replacements.

      • Your car drifts to one side while braking

If your car drifts towards one direction while applying the brakes, there might be some issue in the brake calliper. In such cases, you need to avail of an immediate brake repair Luton.

Tyrestone is equipped with all advanced tools and machinery required to carry out a thorough inspection of your car’s braking system.

Further, we stock genuine spares for various car categories. Hence, whether you own an SUV or a regular passenger car, we have you covered.

Hence, put an end to your searches for “brake repairing service near me.” 

Book an appointment and visit us at Unit 3, 81 Arundel Road, Luton, LU4 8DY. You can call us on 1582 584405 or 0800 999 2123 for more information.