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MOT Test Luton

MOT is an annual test made compulsory by the British government to ensure that your vehicle meets recommended road and environment safety standards. Any vehicle which is older than 3 years must pass a yearly MOT check to verify its roadworthiness. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to ensure that your car is in an optimum condition before appearing for the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) mandated MOT.

In case you are looking for a reliable MOT Luton you can drive down to our garage - Tyrestone Ltd. We are equipped with advanced tools and also have a team of professional experts who will thoroughly inspect all essential car components to check if your vehicle meets recommended standards adequately.

Further, our garage is an authorised MOT testing agency recognised by the DVSA.

Checks included in an MOT Luton

Take a look at some of the crucial checks that our certified testers perform during an MOT test Luton.

      • Exhausts and emission

The exhaust system of your vehicle filters noxious gases like NO2, CO2 & SO2 before releasing it into the environment. We will thoroughly check all the components of your car’s exhaust system to ensure that there are no underlying issues.

      • Steering checks

Optimal functioning of the steering wheel is essential to ensure smooth car handling experience. We will inspect the steering wheel and the steering column of your car during an MOT. Further, if your vehicle has a power steering, we will also inspect all the associated electronic components and fluids.

      • Horns

It is important that your car’s horns are loud enough to alert other drivers on the road. However, it must not be extremely loud so as to avoid noise pollution. At Tyrestone, we check whether your car’s horns meet the set decibel standard by the DVSA.

      • Lights

It is extremely crucial that all the internal and external lights of your car are working perfectly.

Apart from these, we also cover a number of other checks, like:

      • Electronics
      • Safety features
      • Suspension
      • Brakes
      • Body
      • Wheels and tyres
      • Windscreen
      • Mirrors, etc.

Also, please note our garage specialises in conducting affordable MOTs for Class 4, 5 & 7 vehicles. Cars with up to 8 passenger seats, motor caravans, dual purpose vehicles, private hire and public service vehicles, etc. fall under Class 4. On the other hand, Class 5 vehicles include ambulances and private passenger cars with up to 13-16 seats while goods vehicles with 3000kg-3500kg design gross weight fall in Class 7.

Hence, if you are still looking for an MOT Check Luton, connect with us. Our experts will check MOT history before undertaking the test.

If your vehicle complies with all the government recommended standards, a VT20 certificate is be issued. If not, a VT30 “fail” certificate will be provided with details of all the failures and dangers associated with them. These problem areas are classified as “dangerous”, “major” and “minor”. Only after resolving the issue and a partial re-test, you are allowed to drive the vehicle again.

If minor faults are found, the vehicle will still pass the test, but an advisory not will be issued, letting you know about the issues, so you can get them sorted asap.

You can rely on us for some essential post-MOT repairs so that your vehicle passes the re-test without any hassle.

To learn more, contact us on our provided details.

Address: Unit 3, 81 Arundel Road, Luton, LU4 8DY

Phone number: 01582 584405 and 0800 999 2123

Email ID: info@rangertyres.co.uk

So, feel free to book an MOT with us. You can also call us if you have any other query regarding this test.