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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are manufactured specifically to deal with all the challenges of colder climatic conditions. This tyre segment is tailored to optimise traction and handling on icy, snow-covered and wet wintry roads besides offering unrivalled handling performance and steering responsiveness.

Are you looking for winter tyres Luton?

Then just come to our store to buy the best-suited tyres for your particular car segment . Tyrestone Ltd. is an authorised retailer of winter tyres from leading brands across the world. We have an all-inclusive stock of winter units from premium, mid-range and budget brands.

You can also buy products online from our official website to save time. Book a tyre fitting appointment at our garage or opt for our tyre fitting services.

Why should you buy winter tyres Luton?

Winter tyres sport some unique features and characteristics to meet specific driving requirements on wintry roads. Some of the important features and traits are explained below.

The tread of winter car tyres Luton has broad grooves to offer maximum grip on slippery roads. These units are crafted with a unique softer rubber compound and silica for enhanced traction on icy paths. The silica-enriched soft rubber compound serves as a shield and prevents the tyre from getting too stiff.

If you are looking for optimum performance in a cold winter climate, buy winter tyres Luton. Winter tyres have deeper treads and wide grooves that lower rolling resistance. These also feature a large number of sipes to reduce the risks of aquaplaning.

It is recommended to install winter tyres on your vehicle if the temperature is below 7 degree Celsius.

Winter tyre units available at our garage

Some of the most sought-after brands in our facility are:

  • Goodyear Tyres
  • Bridgestone Tyres
  • Continental Tyres
  • Avon Tyres
  • Apollo Tyres
  • BF Goodrich Tyres, etc.

Therefore, search no more for "tyres near me" and come over to our facility - Tyrestone.

Call us on 01582 584405 or 0800 999 2123 to know more or to book a tyre fitting appointment at your convenience.

You can also drop by at our facility during business hours. We are located at Unit 3, 81 arundel Road, Luton LU4 8DY.