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Wheel balancing refers to the process of evenly distributing the weight across the circumference of a wheel and tyre assembly. Failing to maintain proper wheel balance will reduce the lifespan of your car’s tyres and cause odd vibrations in the vehicle, diminishing your overall driving experience. Most tyre manufacturing companies recommend opting for car wheel balancing Luton at least once every 3000-6000 miles.

Opt for car wheel balancing Luton at a reliable facility like Tyrestone Ltd. There are some specific indicators of wheel imbalance; make sure to keep an eye out for them so that you can get the issue addressed as soon as possible. Also, we perform wheel balancing every time we install tyres on a vehicle, as standard practice.

Tell-tale signs of wheel imbalance

    • A vibrating steering wheel: Even as little as half an ounce of difference in the weight of a wheel, can lead to vibrations. If you’re experiencing vibrations in the steering wheel while driving, it’s an indication that the wheels of your car are unbalanced. Make sure to visit our car wheel balancing garage Luton and get it checked at the earliest.
    • Inconsistent tyre wear: Pay close attention to your car’s tyre treads. If there’s excessive wear and tear along the edges, it’s a sign that your car wheels are not balanced properly. If left unattended, there’s an increased risk of picking up a puncture. Moreover, there’s also a chance that a tyre could thin to such an extent that it leads to a blowout.
    • Decreased fuel efficiency: Owing to the resistance created by unbalanced tyres, your car's engine is put under excessive stress, which subsequently decreases the vehicle's fuel efficiency. In case you notice that your vehicle’s fuel consumption has gone up recently, make sure to opt for car wheel balancing Luton for an immediate solution.
    • Steering difficulties: Unbalanced wheels can cause your car’s steering wheel to become unresponsive, which leads to an uncomfortable driving experience. Moreover, it can also pose severe safety hazards for you as well as other car owners on the road. Don’t compromise on your safety; drive down to our facility, and our team of certified technicians will provide you with an affordable solution.
    • Faulty shocks, springs and bearings: The components of your car’s suspension system are put under a lot of stress and may begin to malfunction if the wheels are not correctly balanced. Hence, in case you notice that the shocks and bearings are not in top working order, make sure to avail the services of our reliable garage to prevent further damage.

Tyrestone is the go-to destination for wheel balancing and alignment.

Our team of certified technicians is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient services at an affordable price.

Hence, you can skip searching for “wheel balancing garage near me” and drive down to our facility during business hours.