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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


A professional winter check at a reliable garage serves as a preventive measure to avoid any unexpected car breakdown and enjoy the best driving experience.

We suggest you head over to our garage - Ranger Tyres Ltd. - and opt for our affordable car winter check Luton.

What’s included in our winter check Luton?

There are certain important factors we keep in mind during a winter car check. Our technicians inspect some essential components in your vehicle to detect and fix any underlying issue.

    Take a look at the key parts we cover in our winter car service.

    • Tyres

    We check your vehicle’s tyres to ensure the tread depth and carcass integrity are as per recommended standards. We also ensure your car tyres have recommended air pressure levels. Installing a set of winter tyres is also suggested for improved traction, tackling all the challenges on snow-covered and slippery roads.

    • Engine oil check

    During winters, engine oil tends to get thicker due to colder climate which restricts proper circulation and adequate lubrication. Thick engine oil makes it difficult for the engine to function properly. As a result, it puts more stress on the car engine, causing it to burn more fuel. We inspect and refill the engine oil as necessary.

    • Antifreeze and coolant top-up

    Our winter check will ensure that your vehicle's cooling system is in optimum condition. The antifreeze will be checked and refilled if needed. We also take care if there is any leakage in the cooling system and help increase cooling efficiency.

    • Battery

    Our experts at Ranger Tyres will carefully inspect the condition of your car’s battery and replace it if need be. We will certainly talk to you about it first, so you can make an informed decision about which battery to buy.

    • Inspection of windscreen and wiper

    We check the wiper fluid, front and rear wipers and windscreen. In case there is inadequate wiper fluid, we will top it up accordingly.

    If you are still searching for the "best car servicing garage near me", drive down to Ranger Tyres to get affordable solutions.

    Call us if you want to know more about our services.

    You can visit us at Unit 3, 81 Arundel Road, Luton, LU4 8DY during business hours.

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