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Being a responsible garage, we at Tyrestone Ltd., retail only highly-rated EU labelled tyres Luton to ensure maximum on-road safety.

Tyre labelling is an important regulation mandated by the EU in the year 2012 to make car-owners aware of certain essential parameters of tyre safety. This regulation made it compulsory to rate tyres with respect to its wet grip performance, fuel efficiency and noise emission.

In the following section, we have elaborated on the various aspects of tyre labelling. This will help you to make an informed decision the next time you buy car tyres Luton.

A detailed guide to tyre labelling:

Wet grip

Wet grip of a particular unit is extremely important. If a tyre's wet grip performance is not sufficient, it will increase the chances of aquaplaning and road accidents.

The EU tyre label estimates wet grip performance of tyres within a range of A to G. The difference in the stopping distance between each of these ratings is 2. 5meters.

Fuel efficiency

About 20% of your car's fuel efficiency is influenced by tyres, and therefore, it is an important parameter to be checked before choosing a set.

EU label rates a tyre’s fuel efficiency within a range of A to G. This rating is also colour coded as explained below

A-rated tyre with green colour indicates that the unit is highly fuel-efficient.

On the other hand, a G rated tyre with red colour indicates the unit has poor fuel efficiency.

Noise emission

The EU tyre label rates a unit’s noise levels with 3 sound wave bars, as mentioned below:

    • 1 sound wave bar: Indicates that the unit is highly noise efficient and is below 3db.
    • 2 sound wave bars: Indicates that a particular unit just satisfies the required EU standards but may fail future regulations.
    • 3 sound wave bars: Indicates that a particular unit fails to meet the standards.

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