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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


Tyrestone Ltd. is your one-stop destination for a comprehensive summer check Luton at an affordable cost. Hence, if you are looking forward to making your car summer-ready, book an appointment with us.

Summer roads bring a set of challenges for which your car needs to undergo certain crucial checks to ensure it performs optimally. Therefore, at our garage, we carry out some essential internal and external checks. This will keep your car in top-notch condition so that you can enjoy a pleasant summer driving experience.

What checks do we offer?

Here is a list of important checks that we cover under our summer check Luton.

  • Tyres
  • We recommend you install specialised summer tyres on your vehicle for optimum handling performance and traction. We also ensure that the tread depth of the tyres is at least 1.6 mm. If not, we will inform you and offer a replacement.
  • Coolant
  • A higher temperature during the summer season often causes the engine to overheat. This increases the chances of a sudden breakdown. Therefore, we mandatorily check whether the coolant is at an optimal level and there is no leakage in the cooling system. 
  • Battery
  • In our summer car service, we thoroughly inspect the battery to ensure there is no underlying issue in the wires, cables and other essential components. We also check the fluid level and re-fill it if necessary.
  • Oil
  • We inspect the dipstick to ensure that the engine oil is within the recommended levels. Any disproportion in the engine oil can cause it to malfunction, and hence, impair the overall car performance.
  • Air conditioning system
  • A properly functioning car AC is a must during the summer season. Hence, we carry out a detailed inspection of the compressor, condenser and the evaporator. Further, if we find that the refrigerant levels are inadequate, we re-fill it to ensure you experience a pleasant cabin atmosphere.

Are you still searching for a “car repairing garage near me”? 

We recommend you reach us at Tyrestone.

Our prices are extremely reasonable and can help you save a great deal on your budget.

Hence, look no further and call us to book an appointment.