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Avon Tyres

If you are looking for Avon tyres Luton at an extremely affordable rate, Tyrestone Ltd. is your one-stop destination. We stock a huge inventory of Avon car tyres and stock units of various categories to meet the requirements of all our customers.

Avon is a prominent name in the tyre manufacturing industry. With over 100 years of consistent research and innovation, Avon curates cutting-edge tyres with advanced features and construction. The superior construction of Avon tyres makes them a preferred choice among leading car manufacturers, like Mercedes, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and more.

Our range of Avon tyres


We retail models like Avon ZTZ, Avon ZV7, etc. All these units feature unique tread bars that offer an unmatched aquaplaning resistance. Further, if you are looking for durability and enhanced traction, opt for these products.


You can find models like Avon WVZ Snow, Avon WTZ Snow and others in our inventory. The most interesting feature of these units is their increased tread depth and wide circumferential groove design that offer ultimate grip on snow-covered roads. Further, the silica-infused softer rubber compound of these units offers optimum driving experience.

4X4 units

Avon RANGEMASTER and Avon ZX7 are the ultimate choices if you are looking for improved traction on both on- and off-road tracks. These 4X4 units are extremely fuel-efficient and also offer efficient handling stability in any road condition.


Avon AS7 All Season can be an excellent buy for you. The intermediate tread compound and unique tread construction of this unit offer superior performance round-the-year.

We also retail run-flat and performance tyres for all car categories.

Hence, end your search for “tyres near me” and come to us.

In case you cannot come down to our garage, you can also buy Avon tyres Luton online from our website. Also, schedule an appointment for our tyre fitting services.

Want to book an appointment? Call us on 01582 584405 or 0800 999 2123.