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It is crucial to install tyres of the correct size (as per manufacturer specifications) on your vehicle for maximum handling performance and driving safety. Car owners, however, often find it difficult to comprehend the alphanumeric size code written on a tyre’s sidewall.

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How to decode tyre size meaning?

Let’s take an example: 225/45 R18 95H

    • Section width
    • In this example, the first three numbers reflect the section width of this particular tyre. It is measured in millimetres.
    • Aspect ratio

The following two numbers in this example refer to aspect ratio (also referred to as the profile height of the sidewall) and is represented as a percentage of section width.

    • Construction type

Most car tyres in the UK come with radial construction. Radial tyres are built with cord plies put at a 90° angle to the direction of movement to provide additional tyre strength.

    • Rim diameter

18, in this example, refer to the size of wheel rim on which this tyre can be installed. Measured in inches, this number denotes the diameter of the tyre from bead to bead.

    • Load index

The load index of a tyre corresponds to the highest load that particular unit can carry. Here, 95 means the tyre can carry a maximum of 690 kg.

    • Speed index

Speed index refers to the maximum permissible speed (with maximum load) of a tyre. Here, H refers to speed up to 130mph.

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